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==Dexter: Portrait of a Dog==
==Dexter: Portrait of a Dog==
===[[File:84874786_2763643437049941_3085903404828983296_n.png|thumb|322px|Dexter: Portrait of a Dog]]'''"Dexter: Portrait of a Dog" is The Third Episode of The Animated Series and Became One of The Creators MOST LIKED Episode to Date.'''===
==='''Melay & Dexter are Watching TV when an AD for Jimmy Wonka and they want to go, and When they get there they notice something "suspicious".'''===
=='''Uncensored & Cut Scenes'''==
===When The Show first started out it was on so they had to cut out some stuff for the episode to even stay on YouTube, due to it's (possibly) Touchy Subject.. YouTube felt it was right to censor most of the episode.===
==Jimmy Wonka==
===Jimmy Wonka is a One-Time Appearance but is HEAVILY based on, Pedophile: Jimmy Savile.===

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